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Tempting the taste buds

As one of the five senses, taste is something that lingers in the brain long after eating it. So when it comes to planning the meal, we suggest to our clients to focus on what are their favorites or an item that has special meaning to them. When you center around this, it is fun to come up with all kinds of ways to share this with their guests.

When it comes to tasting wonderful food beautifully displayed, one of our very favorite “go-to” caterers is Alfaro Catering. They have served appetizing treats at cocktail parties, handled over 200 guests at plated affairs, worked in some crazy settings like city parks, ranches and castles, and even created the ultimate barbeque. Their versatility in menu design is why we contact them, tell them what the client envisions, and Pat and Mar say, “Okay, no problem. Will put some menu options together for them.” Alfaro Catering gets it! They pick up the essence of what is important to the client and fly with it – coming up with wonderful ideas and displays.

It makes our planning process so much easier! We have worked alongside their excellently-trained staff – shared laughter, discussed detailed ingredients for food selection and ended an event feeling satisfied that the guests had a memorable experience. They're website is


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