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Steve's Potato Salad

It is an excellent side dish for any summer meal.

The recipe is designed to serve 6 to 7 generous servings.


· 5 pounds white, rose red or yellow baby potatoes (fingerlings are not recommended)

· 1 large bunch of celery

· 1 large red onion (can substitute with yellow or white)

· Mayo of your choice. (1 to 2 cups)


Large pot with lid

Good strainer

Potato masher

Small knife

Paper towels or clean cotton towel

Large bowl



· Fill pot a bit more than ½ of the way with water & heat

· While the water is heating up, wash the potatoes individually in cold water, while removing any blights with knife. Suggest leaving the skin on. Cut the potatoes into two or three chunks, depending on the size of the potato, and place the cut potatoes into the bowl as you work.

· When all the potatoes are cut, turn down the heat and ladle the potato chunks into the hot (if not already boiling water).

· Cover the pot and cook the potatoes on medium heat for about 15 minutes. Check for tenderness and then if not quite soft, cook for an additional 5 minutes.

· While the potatoes are cooking, wash the celery in cold water, cut it up all into nice chunks.

· Cut the onion up as well, slices or chunks whatever your preference. Place these two vegetables in bowl and set aside.

· When the potatoes are done, drain them in the strainer. Do not rinse them.

· Place the potatoes back into the pot. Immediately add the mayo into the hot potatoes. Mix well. The potatoes are going to resemble mashed potatoes and the mayo will soak right into the potatoes.

· Follow with the vegies and then let the mixture cool/rest in the pot for about 15 minutes.

· If after that time, the mixture is not creamy enough for your taste, add more mayo.

· When you have the creaminess you desire, place the salad in a container and store in refrigerator to chill.

Here are variations and additions to combine and enjoy!

· Cooked bacon

· Chopped red or green bell peppers

· Black or green olives

· Parmesan cheese

· Sautéed garlic

Photo provided by Eli Velikova Maytham


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