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DiMadeline & Co. loves CakeItUp

This week we have a guest post from Alevtina Moody, the culinary artist behind CakeItUp.


Once up a time, wedding cakes were usually vanilla or chocolate with white icing. Those days are long gone! At CakeItUp, our creative confections for weddings and other celebrations are limited only by your imagination.

We offer a wide variety of cake flavors along with many fillings and frostings. In fact, there are hundreds of possible flavor/filling/frosting combinations. And remember, each tier can be a different flavor.

Having a wealth of choices can seem daunting, but that’s where I come in.

I have over a decade of experience designing and creating dream wedding cakes. As your personal cake artist, I sit down with you to understand your vision for your wedding or other event. Here are three suggestions to get you thinking about your cake:

  • Choose a flavor that compliments your dinner menu.

  • Match your cake flavor to the season, such as lemon and strawberry in the summer, or apples with cinnamon in the fall.

  • Recreate a memory. Your cake can taste like the dessert you shared on your first date, or even those s'mores from your first camping trip together.

I always encourage clients to bring in photos of cakes on Pinterest and in magazines. This visual reference helps us narrow down the flavors, colors, and decorative elements.

Then comes the fun part: the tasting! By this time, most clients have narrowed their flavor/filling/frosting combinations down to two or three. Seeing and tasting the cake is the sweetest way to make a final decision.


CakeItUp Boutique is located near Lake Arrowhead and delivers cakes throughout Southern California. Visit the website and Facebook Page to see photos of gorgeous, incredible cakes.


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