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Guest lists

We often get asked who you should put on your guest list - whether it is a wedding or social event. The first question to ask is how many people can you accommodate at your event and cover the costs? And the guideline is that you invite those that you stay in regular contact with via telephone, email, text or snail mail regardless of whether it is a relative or long-standing friend. These are the people who know you more intimately and will be thoroughly excited to join in your celebration. Second consideration would be to regarding the travel distance and location of your event. Is the expense feasible and easily accessible? And lastly, are there guests that you should include that you have a professional association with that would be deeply offended if they were not included? Given these guidelines, plan accordingly. And if you cannot invite someone and they are expecting an invitation, be firm and say something along the lines of “We wish we could invite so many of our friends and family, but we are limited by the venue’s space and know that you will understand.”


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