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5 twists on traditional centerpieces

If your event includes a meal, those tables will need centerpieces. What you put in the middle of each table reinforces your event theme and color palette, and gives guests a little eye candy—and maybe even a conversation starter.

Flowers and candles are always good choices, but what if you want to give guests a different vibe?

Picture this

Photos are a great way to celebrate an occasion such as a wedding, company anniversary or birthday party. See more photo centerpieces at 80th Birthday Ideas.

photo centerpieces

Hit the mark(et)

Seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs add a fresh pop of color and texture to your centerpiece. Visit Martha Steward Weddings for more inspiration.

Light up the night

Group three or more glass oil lamps—either vintage finds or reproductions—of different heights for a lovely glow. The clear chimneys protect the flame from breezes. Check Be On Track for more ideas.

Turn over a new leaf

Palm leaves can give guests a trip to the tropics. Other botanical elements can add color and fragrance. Cute Wedding Ideas has a garden of green suggestions.

Think inside the box

Why not put your centerpiece elements inside a wooden box? This is a great look for rustic settings. See more ways to use wooden accents at Wedding Amiyah.

Whether you're planning a wedding, an awards banquet or a charity fundraiser, a creative centerpiece is an important part of your event's look—and a great backdrop for photos.


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