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Wedding planning timeline

Can a couple pull off planning their wedding in a week? A month? Three months? Absolutely! Will it be the wedding of their dreams – possibly not. But it could be close. As a planner, I work with many clients that contact me 18 to 24 months prior to the BIG DAY. The reason is two-fold or more. First, they may have chosen a venue that has a long waiting list. The venue is so important to them that they are willing to wait. This is often the case. Or they dream up such a “perfect” wedding with so many details, that they want to start early in the planning process. Or some of their guests may need to have significant lead-way in order to make sure they can attend. And lastly, the even bigger concern – finances. Weddings can cost a lot of money depending on what couples want - they may need a year or two to start saving!

Whatever the time frame you are working with, the important thing is to make sure you don’t miss anything. This is where a good planner steps in. They have years of experience to know what to tackle first and what to wait on or skip altogether. If they have been in the wedding industry for some time, they have developed planning formats that help keep them and their clients organized and on task. Their advice is invaluable and sensible. And they are worth every penny!

So depending on what is most important to you as a couple - the ceremony, the reception venue, the locale, the family and guests - make sure to get this focus/priority squared away first. Then begin to tackle securing your vendors based on the guidelines/style provided by your ceremony and reception venues. There is no special order on which vendor to contact first – food, music, photography, flowers, rentals... Do your research and then schedule to chat with them. Food can take time if you plan on scheduling taste tests - and if you don’t care for one caterer and have to move on to another. Cake tasting can also take time so plan accordingly. Ask your planner to assist you with how the process works. They can guide you through how to discuss/negotiate many of the vendor details. By sticking with your timeline, you manage stress better and can enjoy the planning process. This is an important event in your lives and it deserves the time, dedication and concentration to make it special and memorable.


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