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Bringing out the best of your event

For each and every event that is planned – whether it is a baby shower, child’s birthday party, graduation or anniversary celebration – there are outcomes we want. What are they? Well, it all depends on the individual or individuals planning the party and who it is for. But one thing we all know - we want our guests to enjoy themselves and share lasting memories.

So given that, what are some things to focus on? Such as what do you want to feature? Can it have a theme? And are there favors that can tie it all together?

Recently I had the opportunity to put my thinking cap on for a significant 50th birthday party hosted by a group of friends. While the birthday girl was off in Florida starting her birthday celebration early, her friends were back home planning a surprise. So I asked them – what does she like best? Does she have a favorite hobby? Are there special memories that you have that stand out regarding your friendship? And that opened up all kinds of ideas. Our guest of honor was a cancer survivor. Should we celebrate this or was it more of a time of sadness and fear? Our guest of honor loves martinis. Should we do something fun and create a signature martini? Our guest of honor loves walking on the beach. Should we bring out a beach theme? So with all of that, we came up with a plan. Yes! Definitely do something with the color pink for breast cancer survival. Yes! Why not have a pink martini! And yes, let’s bring a little of the beach feeling in with the decorations and food. So the décor colors became pink, aqua and orange. (There are lots of on-line décor websites to check out that give you fun and often inexpensive party decorations. Or check out “Party City” for its great selection and their options are already sorted by color and theme.) And another tip - the internet provided lots of fun pink-colored martini combinations. For the food - it was decided to keep it casual with a barbeque of shrimp skewers and hamburgers followed with a 50th birthday cake decorated in a beach theme. For favors, they gave everyone a set of 4 pink acrylic martini glasses as a reminder of the fun event.

So whatever the party is that you have coming up, put on your thinking cap and HAVE FUN. Even better – enlist the services of an event planner! They can do all the research, handle the ordering and set the stage for a memory-filled party that indeed will have the guests enjoying themselves and sharing lasting memories!

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