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Why hire an event planner?

A family member’s recent engagement made me realize not many people are aware of how an event planner benefits the couple on their wedding day. If you’ve ever thrown a party, I’m sure it is evident how much time and preparation is involved when planning and setting up the event. So, you can only imagine having an event as large as a wedding requires some major preparation. Setting up and tearing down are all a process that can be handled by the planner instead of friends or family members. This allows everyone to enjoy the day along with you! You all know the to-do list of getting ready for the big day (dress shopping, cake tasting, invitation searching, etc.) Having a busy schedule and this to-do list can be daunting. A planner can help relieve some of the pressure and keep all the details organized! On the day of your event, it’s easy to forget that all of the vendors will need to be directed upon arriving as to where to set up. With no event planner there, vendors will either go to the bride or groom to ask where the DJ can plug in his gear, the person delivering the cake might call and ask where they should set up the cake. The list goes on and on. As a bride and groom, I am sure you would like to remain as present as possible. Your big day shouldn’t have to be interrupted by questions that a planner can handle! A planner is there to meet and greet the needs of every person that is contracted to be there, including your guests. Most couples opt out for having a planner because of their budget, but in all reality the value a planner brings is outweighed by the cost. Most of the time your budget is considered when personalizing your wedding package. The point is to enjoy the day that you will never forget! Your wedding should be stress-free, and a planner is there to ensure that your day is special and memorable!

Photo courtesy of Alasdair Elmes


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