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Wedding photography advice

You want your wedding to have lasting memories for the two of you, right?  Then choose wisely when it comes to your photographer. 

Do you your homework:

1)      Look at reviews.  Not just how many stars they received but read the actual

reviews.  Look for comments about “great to work with”, “listened to what we

wanted for our photo choices”, “responded promptly to our questions”.

2)     Ask around.  Not just observing at the weddings you may have been to but ask

your friends’ friends, your co-workers’, just about anyone you can think of – you

might even get an earful – good and not-so-good.

3)     Search the web.  Many photographers are willing to travel farther than you realize. 

So, in your searches if you see the work of a photographer but they may not be in

your area, still contact them.  Sometimes they will give discounts if they are already

in your area to photograph another event, or they may be offering a promo if they want to capture photos at a particular venue.


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