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Spring – nature’s natural energy boost

As we enter those last residual days of winter, spring naturally leads us to think about lightness, planting vegetables, wearing less and lighter clothing, getting out more for walks and hikes, travelling to see spring flowers in bloom, cherry blossom trees, going to the beach to listen to the waves as they hit the shore gently and continuously. So, think on such things. Figure out what is feasible to bring this sense of lightness and laughter into your everyday activities. Put a couple of daisies in a vase on your office desk – even if you now work full time from home. Take a fifteen-minute break from work and go outside and feel the sunshine on your face. Travel by car and get away for a few days to the shore. Watch videos of our nation’s capital with blooming cherry trees. In my area, the dogwoods are spectacular and there is a short ten-minute drive where you are overwhelmed to see them all in bloom. A treat for the eyes! Add such simple but significant steps to enjoy the change in season with light and delight.

Photo by Leah Kelley


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