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Setting resolutions

There is one more step or maybe I should rephrase and say “steps” to closing out 2020. Time for reflection, appreciation, and evaluations.

Do you aspire to personal goals? Do you see yourself as always learning? Do you see yourself as wanting to slow down and “stop and smell the roses”?

Personal goals can be inspiring and challenging – if they are realistic. So often we have these lofty goals only to feel dissatisfied and disappointed when they don’t come to fruition. If it is something you really deep-down want to attain, but it seems too large, then take the time to break it down into smaller steps. It’s great to have a dream, but it remains a dream and not reality unless YOU really want it badly enough. So often I have had great ideas, but found the only way I could see them happen in my life was to figure out the baby steps. Sometimes the progress seems slow, but its progress none the less. And then at the end of the time period I have set aside for review, I always see results.

Photo by Polinka Kovaleva


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