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Maddie's Moments for the month of May

“Maddie’s Moments” – what I know now - sunscreen

As I have aged and made multiple trips to the dermatologist to have my skin checked, I wish that I had listened to what my heart was telling me – that whatever shade of skin I am – I am beautiful!

When I was growing up in Southern California, it was all about being tan. The onslaught of advertising told us that being tan made you look healthy and therefore you would “feel” healthy. The old status attached to the “fair sex” of looking fragile had disappeared. There were tanning beds that could have you tan in just a few minutes a couple of times a week. And who remembers using oils that glistened in the sun attracting the rays. Sun protection for people of all color – not happening. Maybe occasionally, you would see a kid at the pool with white zinc oxide on just their nose and embarrassed about it too!

As a result, the cases of skin cancer arose tremendously. Sunscreen became the norm. We put it on daily in various strengths - even to take a walk to the bus stop. So my lesson here is about taking the precautionary steps to protect your skin from the sun – no matter how easily you may tan. Wear sunscreen and follow the directions on the product. It not only will help towards protection from cancer but also to from aging.

And that being oneself – comfortable in one’s skin is indeed feeling healthy, being healthy and showing inner strength. So Maddie’s Moments lesson for me was about taking care of my skin, spending some time in the sun wearing protection and a stylish, attractive hat (of course) - but most importantly accepting and loving the person wearing that skin. It’s the only one I’ve got - so I must take care of it! I especially love when someone says, "You have beautiful looking skin!"


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