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Maddie's Moments for the Month of June

So, here’s my monthly share for June.


I have had some absolutely wonderful mentors in my life and am so appreciative that I had the opportunity “to sit at their feet” and take in their guiding steps and wisdom. And one takeaway was on the life lesson of balancing the different areas of my life. I must admit that I haven’t always met this goal and in fact, can tell very quickly when I am off kilter. So, the five areas that I regularly check in on are emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritual – asking myself – how am I doing overall?

Emotions – Are their areas that need my attention to feel like I am taking care of myself within my comfort level? Have I challenged myself to separate out emotions in making clear decision both in my personal and work life?

Mental – Have I continually tried to challenge myself to work on new projects? Have I learned continual changes regarding social media and how complicated it can get? Have I challenged myself to read – reading for pleasure but also reading that expands my world?

Physical – Have I eaten well? Have a tried a new recipe which keeps me creative and interested in my menu? Have I shopped well? Have I kept up with the necessary exercises for my overall well-being? Have I explored new forms of exercising to awaken my senses?

Social – Have I gotten together with friends for a good meal and laughter – even if we had to do it on Zoom?

Spiritual – Have I spent time writing in my journal – processing my thoughts and feelings? Have I read my daily inspirational readings that help to keep me grounded? Have I listened to the Spirit inside me when I need guidance regarding taking new directions in my life?

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