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Maddie's Moments

“Maddie’s Moments” – what I know now – Following your gut, your sixth sense, your heart

So, here’s my monthly share for August

With so much uncertainty going on, it’s hard to know what decisions to make right now. Years ago, I sat with a wise woman by the name of Anne. We were discussing my employment options and how unhappy I was in my current state. Anne reminded me that life is short, and that each day of unhappiness cannot be undone. I had to choose to be happy in what I was currently doing in my work or take a leap away from job security and investigate other options. My instant reaction was to stay put as I had been brought up to value job security over anything else. So, I took my time, reflected on my fears, my dreams. And while it took me another couple of years to take that leap, I leapt! And while I planned and strategized to prepare myself for that career change, I reminded myself of what Anne had said and that was to be happy in what I was doing each day. It made those few years bearable and not as bad as I had been leading myself to believe. So, when I left, it was almost bittersweet. But in making the change, it led me to where I am now, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. And the things I learned along the way in my state of unhappiness prepared me to deal with all kinds of people, situations and this has made me an even better event and wedding planner!


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