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What I know now...

So here’s a new twist from the senior event designer at DiMadeline & Company. Each month instead of the traditional blog that you usually see and read, I am going to share something that I have learned in life and wished that someone had told me, warned me about when I was young – in other words “what I know now”…

I’ll take topics that involve physical care, lifestyle, your surroundings, dreams, goals, spiritual beliefs, emotional health, having fun… The list is endless! Why am I doing this? It stems from years of questions being asked by me and of me. Such as, a bride who had a backless wedding gown and wanted suggestions on how to get rid of old tan lines so they wouldn’t show when she was standing in front of everyone – yep, your guests do see the back of you for some parts of the ceremony! Or why do you include some bit of yellow in decorating the rooms within your home? How many people should you be able to seat comfortably in your gathering space? Is it smarter to move out of your parents’ house or buy and own your first automobile? What are good tips for hosting your first dinner party? If there was one cookbook to give someone as their first housewarming gift, what would you suggest?

So enjoy the ride! It may be a rambling, it may be a bit philosophical, it may be a bit silly. But don’t you wish someone had told you about… before you started on that life’s path?


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