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How to make your kid's birthday party a memorable experience!

Celebrating your kid's birthday is one of life’s sweetest moments! Every parent wants the best for their “baby” and that’s why planning this event WELL is important! If all this pressure makes you anxious check out why you should hire an event planner!

This might sound obvious, but you’re putting on this event to, in hopes, celebrate with others and that means making this gathering something that your guests will enjoy and remember.

Here are a few ways to help you make this event a fun and memorable one for your guests!

1. Be a Kind Host

This might sound easy, but there are many things that are going on at once when you are the host of a party. Maintaining your cool when you’re pulled in different directions (I.e. your kid needs to eat, while your new guest is asking where the bathroom is, and the food needs tending to). Remember you are the energy in the room and maneuver these tasks with a little delegation and patience!

2. Make Something Traditional, With a Twist!

Most likely you will have a table with some goodies on it. Instead of having a traditional dessert table have a table of your kids favorite snacks! This allows you to show your guests a little of your child’s life by showing their interests, growth, etc. This gives them a sense of connection to your little one!

3. Get Creative With Your Food Choice

Just because it’s a kids birthday party doesn’t constrict the menu to pizza, hamburgers or chicken nuggets. Also, make sure to be inclusive in any of your guests special diets!

4. Start New Birthday Traditions!

People will remember your event if you come up with an activity they usually don’t do at parties! (I still remember playing a treasure hunt game around the neighborhood at one of my friends parties in elementary school!)

The biggest take away from all this is that you should have fun, get creative, and enjoy the company! Kids are only kids for so long and it’s worth every minute of planning to get their birthday celebration just right!


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