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Hosting a halloween party: stress free

It’s almost halloween time! Having a halloween party is always fun! Depending on the kind of get together you’re having make sure that your To-do list has everything you need to have a killer party!

Here’s a few suggestions to help you prepare for your party in stress-free style:

  1. Start cleaning the house days before. This will leave you more time to decorate and prep for everything else you need to do.

  2. Don’t get carried away making too much food. Sometimes we put too much on our plate when it comes to setting up for the day of. If you can get help making the food, get the help! Even though a house party is a casual setting, it still takes a lot of work!

  3. When collecting decorations make sure to keep them all in the same place so that they are accessible right when you’re ready to start!

  4. Instead of waiting to see if people bring alcohol, ask if some guests can bring some. Your guests are always eager to help! In order to save yourself a trip to the grocery store in the middle of your party, go ahead and ask someone to bring it with them.

  5. Start prepping as early as possible. Since the party will be at your house you have all the time in the world to start preparing. Don’t leave all your tasks for the last minute and you’ll get to enjoy your party a lot more!

Photo by Daisy Anderson

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