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Holiday traditions

“Maddie’s Moments” – what I know now – Holiday Traditions

So, here’s my monthly share for November

Do you have holiday traditions that you adopted from your childhood? From your culture? From friends who shared a special moment that you cherished and decided to continue? Traditions provide a sense of purpose, continuity and surprisingly – security. Bringing out the same routines year after year to some may seem boring and to others gives them a feeling of control. After these last eighteen months of upheaval, this could be your opportunity to re-think these traditions. What brings you joy? Laughter? Smiles? Keep those. But for the ones that seem meaningless, re-evaluate. Should you continue to embrace them because they are part of your religious or cultural background? That alone may be of such importance to you, that you cannot imagine not having them year after year. But if its wearing Christmas pajamas on Sunday morning and you hate them, then wear something else. If it’s opening a gift on the eve and you prefer to wait until morning, then do it. What about the menus served over the holidays? Maybe you want to try a new recipe. Explore who you are and adopt and keep only what feels right to you. But remember, embracing change for some can feel very uncomfortable so if you want to change things up, talk it through. After all, it is their traditions as well.


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