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Holiday party volunteer appreciation

It’s been a tough almost-two-years for non-profits to raise money. There’s always that end-of-the year letter of appeal and then almost rapidly after that, the pandemic came our way.

But those volunteers who have tirelessly worked behind the scenes to share the mission, to keep the focus, to stay the course – wouldn’t it be nice to acknowledge them this coming holiday season? If this is a possibility, then check in with these supporters and find out if they would be willing to attend. After all, if they aren’t comfortable gathering yet, there’s really no point in having a party with no guests.

If they are, then plan simple, meaningful attributes for them. Such as little cards hung on a tree that share a story about each of them. A volunteer must pull off a card – not their own and when the time comes, read the short piece. It will bring smiles. Then simple, wrapped gifts that have a special meaning for each of them. Maybe they are sports lovers, and you can get a pair of tickets donated to their favorite team. Maybe they love to knit and a gift card from the local stitchery shop. Or they hate to cook, and you order an on-line delivery service for a weekly dinner for a month.

Think outside the box and it’s amazing what you can come up with. So as the season is changing, now is the time to put on your planning and thinking cap and thank those who did indeed continue to stand beside you.

Photo by Nicole Michalou


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