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Holiday party planning

It’s hard to imagine planning for the holiday season in the month of September! And maybe even more difficult to plan given our global health situation with the pandemic. But that is no excuse for at least doing your homework even if the event does not come to fruition. The information you gather now will come in handy when you actually do get to pull it all together. So “act as if” I always say and plan ahead to be prepared.

Event Size

Figure out what is the maximum guess count for the number of guests attending as this will affect your venue choice and budget.


The next thing to investigate is your venue options. The average venue can handle 150 guests. If your estimation is higher than that, your choices become fewer. Does travel distance have to be considered as well?


Every event - even if its lavish, has a limit. What is yours?

Booking Questions

When you are ready to book, read the contract carefully to find out what their cancellation policy is. If the venue also handles the catering, what are the rsvp dates and make sure you respond to them when its time – there is often a late charge which is a complete waste of money you can avoid. What other amenities come with the package such as tables, chairs, linens, tableware, etc.

These can be hidden surprises.

Preferred Vendors List

Does the venue have a preferred vendors list and if so, how many options do you have to work with other each vendor? Is there a fee to bring in an outside vendor?

Photo by Tim Douglas

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