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History of flower arrangements

Have you ever wondered how flower arrangements ended up being on your to-do list for your event? Think about it, there could have been rules for not picking flowers, or something like that, and events could be flowerless! But thankfully we live in a world where this is custom.

The earliest known flower arrangement dates back to 2,500 BCE in Ancient Egypt. Egyptians we’re the first people to use flowers to decorate their spaces.

Flowers would be arranged according to the occasion and they would choose symbolic flowers to add meaning to the piece.

The Greeks, Romans, and Chinese all followed doing flower arrangements in their own special way. The Romans and Greeks used olive branches and other herbs in their flower arrangements.

For the Chinese the flowers were a component of religious teachings and medicines. The most common place you’d see flowers adorned is the altar.

So there’s a little quick history lesson for you! Flowers are one of our favorite ways to make your special day look and feel beautiful and fresh 🌹


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