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Her gift for light and color

Jenna Rose is a devoted photographer bringing her gift for light and color to the camera. The DiMadeline team gives a shout-out to Jenna for her conscientious work with our clients. We never hesitate to refer her when it comes to creating memories. From the minute she meets them to learning what they envision, she listens and understands what the client wants to create. Having worked with many photographers over the years, it is refreshing to know that Jenna follows up right away with inquiries, concerns, and ideas.

Her wedding photo packages are complete and clearly go over the details so that one knows what the offerings are, and Jenna is willing to accommodate unique settings and venues. Her willingness to travel also benefits our team as we accept clients from Santa Barbara to San Diego – deserts to beaches to mountains.

Thank you, Jenna, for your skills as a photographer and your go-to spirit! Check out Jenna Rose Photography at


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