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Getting engaged?

Many couples decide to get engaged over the holidays…  But another romantic opportunity is on Valentine’s Day.  So if you are planning on this, make sure to make it memorable.


In planning on proposing, think about something that is unique to the two of you.  Where you had your first date or something about your first date.  Or something that you two have discussed that you want to do in your future plans together.  Even if you can’t make that plan come to fruition now, you can take the theme and work up ideas around it.  Such as a trip to a particular country – is there a restaurant that serves the food?  Or an adventure – such as a safari – so a trip to the zoo might be in order and maybe propose in front of his or her favorite animal species.  Or a train trip – finding a venue that has to do with railways.  A museum that has a special exhibit…


Once you have the locale figured out, how do you want to propose?  Does it involve other people?  How detailed do you want it to be?  The more people involved of course, the more chance that something could happen.  However the assistance of others can really make it all come together and be key to making the moment seem right.  But only choose those you can trust to keep the secret!


As it all comes together and you are enjoying the excitement of planning, keep in mind that the focus is on the two of you and not all the details.  When you look into their eyes and you ask that special question – it’s that moment – that instant when everything fades out of the picture and it feels like it is just the two of you.  And it is!  Congratulations on your engagement!



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