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Food service changes

Now that events are getting scheduled and planned, one of the aspects will be the food.  How do you proceed?  Here are our recommendations.


Do you your homework:

1)      Look at caterers’ reviews.  Not just how many stars they received but read the

actual reviews.  Look for comments about “great to work with”, “listened to what

we wanted for our food choices”, “responded promptly to our questions”.

2)     Ask around.  Not just observing at the events you may have been to but ask your

friends’ friends, your co-workers’, just about anyone you can think of – you might even get an earful – good and not-so-good.

3)     Search the web.  Check to see how they address new covid standards on their

website.  If they don’t even mention the pandemic, then ask if they know what the covid guidelines are for local and county requirements.  If they can’t be specific, then our suggestion is not to work with them.  Caterers need to be up-to-speed on what is allowed and what’s not.  If they aren’t following the new guidelines and a problem arises, you as the client may be consider.


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