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Flowers - oh my!

Written by DiMadeline Team Member Cheri Didear

So, I’ve been sharing with you about my daughter’s wedding…

As the mother-of-the bride, I valiantly continued with my next assignment – the flowers. My daughter wanted fall color – deep reds, purples and browns. I had never made a bridal bouquet in my life! So, I went on-line and searched out photos in bridal magazines. In watching a how-to video, it was suggested I practice first before the big day. I could do this I told myself repeatedly. So okay, a practice run. I could handle that. And so, I began my journey… Wow! Yes! I did it! It looked beautiful! Now could I take on the creating of the boutonnieres. Yes, I told myself. If I can do what I just did then I could make a boutonniere! They became mini versions of the bouquets fashioned the same way and were so simple to make. I was ready to make the real deal for the big day!

So, if you are willing to DYI on a tight schedule, you can do it. I really loved every minute of those three weeks…

The day went off with much delight and happiness for all in attendance. Just a small group of friends and family… the BEST! And yes, it was crazy busy and at times a bit stressful – but we pulled it off in three weeks!


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