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Flowers are not just pretty – they are the “icing on the cake” for your event.

Having worked with many clients and florists through the years, I have learned to value the contribution these small, but magnificent creations add to an event.

For an anniversary, you can create beautiful and unique arrangements that go back to the colors used in your wedding but with maybe a modern take by using different flowers. For a baby shower, they can “announce” the baby’s gender as your guests are handed a single stem as they join in the celebration. And what grandmother can resist a wrist corsage at a wedding – a tradition that never grows old.

I would like to give a shout out to Betsy Allen with The Rosy Bouquet ( as an outstanding florist who goes above and beyond to listen to what the client wants and creates that effect to the tee. I have sat in on Betsy’s consultations and she takes tons and tons of notes and I enjoy seeing the smile on the client’s face as she asks questions confirming their vision. She has worked on large non-profit fundraisers to small, outdoor cocktail gatherings. She is an artist when it comes to wedding bouquets, arches, and wedding table centerpieces. Her team goes all over Southern California. For one wedding, they returned at the end of the evening to pick up the vases and wore old-fashioned miner headlamps to see in the dark at this outdoor event. Creative! And the bonus is that Betsy is reasonably priced when she gives your proposal to you. This can be an expensive investment but is worth it for the wonderful photo memories you will have!


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