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Feeding those in need

We want to give a shout-out to Loretta Vigil of Chefelle - A Personal Chef & Catering Service in Southern California. This woman stepped right in when she witnessed so many struggling financially during this pandemic. She put the word out offering to give away free meals to anyone, no questions asked. She offered a menu of mouth-watering selections – pre-packaged and ready for pickup.

As one grateful individual stated, “When I went to pick up my order, I wanted to hug her and couldn’t. Instead, I was mortified to find myself in tears, almost blubbering about how grateful I was.”

Ms. Vigil began paying for the costs herself until some groups helped fundraise. Individuals from the community and non-profits stepped in to assist. She continues to contribute her labor, her work site and some expenses. At one point, Vigil made 100 meals for the Foothill Unity Center to distribute to shut-in seniors.

She said it best when she stated, “The last three to four years of business have gone extremely well. So knowing I’m so blessed, this was my small part, my way of giving back and being a blessing to others.”

We commend those in our industry that while we too may not be working to our full capacity continue to be examples of generosity and kindness. As with any niche market, we know our vendors and venues. You work closely with them to provide excellent care and service to clients. So when someone like Loretta shows an act of kindness, we think it deserves to be shared!

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