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Father of the bride – here comes the gown!

One day, I got THE call from my daughter - you know the one that every Mom waits for when her daughter has been dating a young man you know she adores? “Mom! I am getting married! (pregnant pause) …in three weeks!” Sounds a bit like a line from a movie, right?! Well, my excitement could not top hers! The sky and the universe go WAY up but I believe she and I set a record that morning that day for far reaching joy! Happy dance!

We agreed to meet for breakfast the following Saturday. Thank goodness it was just a couple of days away. Both of our schedules were jam-packed, and the groom-to-be was about to take a touring trip for work. The kids wanted to wed before he set off on his travels.

Saturday arrived, and after a hurried breakfast, we set out to go gown shopping. After trying on several dresses, the one she absolutely had to have was sizes too large for her. My daughter is a tall, redheaded beauty and she could fit me and her cousin in the dress she chose. Well… The bride gets what she wants, right? Unfortunately, due to the short time frame, the salon could not guarantee the alterations would be done in time.

We purchased the dress and now had the challenge of finding a seamstress. (Note to our readers – a wedding can be planned in three weeks but don’t expect that everyone can fit into the schedule. And don’t panic! Put plan #2 in to effect!) Or plan? Ah ha! Let’s give this challenge to the father of the bride! My husband dutifully took on the task of finding someone to make the dress fit and we were off and running.

Stayed tuned to hear about the veil – that I had to make from scratch!


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