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Falling in to fall – the season of new beginnings?

For many, January 1st appeals to the idea of new beginnings, fresh starts. But there are others that find themselves working through this thought process each fall. Does it go back to our days of remembering the start of the new school year? Of freshly sharpened pencils and clean, blank sheets of paper?

With so many changes going on all around us these days, choosing the month of September to refocus on goals may give you the opportunity to reevaluate what is working and what is not. And it does not have to be a painful, negative process. After all, it’s a new beginning - so let’s turn it in to a positive, challenging experience. So instead of reflecting on what hasn’t worked, how about looking at what is working and how you can maintain or improve upon these life skills. It’s always personally satisfying to be able to check things off even if it is just to say I am still keeping up.

Once you have looked at these, address items that you would like to learn, change, adapt, etc. Write them down and put the realistic time needed to accomplish them. A week, a month, the entire year? Then break things down into smaller steps that fit into either a day, a week or a month. Create some kind of form that works to list all of the maintenance and all of the new goals where you can see the big picture with places to highlight when you’ve reached a goal or maintained a plan of action.

This entire planning process helps us to see a clearer picture of ourselves. Whether this goes back to turning in our homework and seeing the teacher’s A+ written at the top - or not turning in our homework and knowing there will be consequences - we can pretend we are still in school and challenge ourselves to grow and learn each day! Welcome back students!

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.


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