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Fall wedding season is here

September is here and that means it’s fall wedding season! Fall is very popular for weddings (one reason, being that the weather cools down) but I’m sure a major reason is the beautiful color scheme!

The leaves changing color for the fall is a marvelous thing that adds the perfect vibe for a cozy event. When it comes to choosing an indoor vs. outdoor event for fall really depends on the couple. Although it’s cooler, you can easily add outdoor heaters to keep guests warm.

The pro about choosing a fall wedding is that the color scheme is almost just taken care of! (One less thing you have to worry about) Of coarse you can still choose your own colors but if you wanna stick with what colors nature gave you, that’s perfectly fine.

We hope to help you with all your fall planning needs🍁🍂

Photo by Tara Winstead


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