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Fall events to explore and enjoy

So, while we adjust to celebrating holidays differently than ever before, we can find unique offerings while adhering to local and state health guidelines.

Look in your local newspapers to find out if there are planned activities within your own community. Such as pumpkin picking, corn mazes, pumpkin decorating, spooky forest haunts. These locales are following required guidelines and they are outdoors. Since they are seasonal, the costs are usually quite reasonable.

What about when it comes to the traditional Trick or Treat night of ghoulish costumes and favorite characters? Many churches and governmental offices such as the local parks and recreation will be conducting various ways to participate. Contact them and find out what is involved. It can be fun and safe.

You can also create activities to do at home. There is always the fun of carving your own pumpkin design – and toasting the seeds for a healthy, crunchy treat. Or what about purchasing a pumpkin or apple pie, heating it up and enjoying with a cup of cocoa? Yum! You can even decorate your home with fall leaves carefully selected from the outdoors and displayed for you to enjoy.

Get creative and stay safe. There is no excuse not to participate in the change of seasons despite all the craziness going on. It is a reminder to center on the simple, imaginative expressions of life going on around us.

Photo by Valeria Miller


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