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Corporate meetings that are not business as usual

While no one knows how long it will be before we can safely mix and mingle in public, many people will be eager to learn, network and socialize once the quarantine is lifted. Start thinking about fall events now.

If you're planning a conference for your company or nonprofit organization, get creative.

Major hotels are the easiest option. You can count on parking, media equipment, on-site food services, comfortable conference rooms of all sizes. But that doesn't mean you can't mix things up a bit. We've seen unexpected ideas like these bring participants together:

Hotels are not your only choice. Think creatively! You want the juices flowing when everyone gathers to brainstorm or learn about new products. Finding a venue that is worlds away from the good ol' hotel downtown may be just the thing.

Consider distance and travel time. You don’t want your team showing up exhausted from leaving at dawn and fighting traffic for hours. But you do you want them to travel far enough to appreciate a new environment and the feeling of getting away from the office.

What about renting a rustic camp setting like the 250-acre Pali Retreat at Lake Arrowhead? Or using a private school or college during the summer break? Many larger museums have space for corporate events. Can you imagine holding a meeting at The Petersen Automotive Museum? Or at the Stadium Club at Dodger Stadium?

DiMadeline & Company has planned one-day meetings for smaller groups and multi-day conferences for corporations and associations. We'd love to add some magic to your next event. Learn more.


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