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Choosing to Play

“Maddie’s Moments” – what I know now – Incorporating “play time’ in your day

So, here’s my monthly share for September

When I was in my twenties and even into my thirties, I was all about staying ahead, keeping up with the pace. While I loved the adrenaline rush of checking off the boxes, I realize now that I missed out on some of life’s fun activities that I am now trying to recapture. And one of them is incorporating “play time” in your day. That will be different for each of us. For me, my favorite hobby is reading. I wish I had stopped at some point of the day – probably in this case in the evening - and enjoyed reading – relishing the idea of sitting down to read something for pure enjoyment. Maybe with a bowl of ice cream or treat of some kind. Another is gardening. What if I had come home from work each evening and gone out and puttered in nature for a bit. Maybe cut some flowers or greenery to take indoors and enjoy. Listen to the birds singing or the kids playing down the street. Instead, I would get home late, tired, not eat a healthy dinner and crash. So, I suggest incorporating small pockets of play – whatever that might be for you and find out that your everyday is just a little bit more fun.


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