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Celebrating anniversaries!

Among the many lovely celebrations that go on every year, comes a beautiful time to celebrate the day you met a special individual or the day you choose to tie the knot. Formally known as anniversaries, a special day to celebrate the union of two people in love! 

The unique thing about anniversaries is that they can be celebrated in so many different ways. Some may go out for dinner, go out of town, have a party, or something else! The possibilities are endless. 

With COVID you’ll have to get a little creative with what you can do, but thankfully with a little planning you and your significant other can still have a great time! Depending on what you’re comfortable with will help determine what to do this year for your anniversary.

Here’s a few options to celebrate one of your favorite days out of the year!

  1. Dinner at a restaurant - depending on where you are in the world will determine what this will look like. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor dining, as long as there’s food being served you’re good to go! 

  2. Go on a hike - being outdoors can help both of you stay really present with each other and enjoy nice conversation and some views!

  3. Plan a night or weekend away - it’ll be so relaxing stepping out of your daily routine to take a moment and unwind in a hotel of your choosing. Either stay in your city or drive a few hours away, either way can be enjoyed just the same! 

  4. Get creative and stay home! - have a picnic in the backyard, make dinner together (try something new) , or do an epic movie night! (Just in case  you’re missing movie theaters).

However you decide to celebrate, don’t forget to just simply enjoy each others company and fall in love over and over again! 


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