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Bridal gown choices

So many choices out there, right? Design is one thing. What about your choice of white, ivory, pastel or multi-colored?!? But rather than feel overwhelmed, what about if you just embraced the experience of trying on lots of gowns? Take it in stride, don’t settle for the first one. Take your time – as much time as you can. Consider price. Stay on budget. See what you like – what feels good to you. Stand in it. Pretend to embrace a hug to see if it feels good when you do that. Twirl in it. Yes, twirl! Can you picture yourself saying “I do” in this dress? When you start looking at it from this perspective, the bridal gown choices seem to wean themselves out until without a doubt you know – THIS is the one!

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya


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