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Band or DJ

When choosing the music entertainment for your event, sometimes the theme, guest list and/or venue location can help you decide.  Bands are usually more expensive and may require you to also provide special lighting and a stage.  DJ’s take up less room if you are working in a tight space.  But the vibes from the two are totally different.  Bands can often engage the audience more - resulting in more dancers and laughter.  DJ’s are all about the dancing and if your guests aren’t dancing, then the DJ is not focusing on choosing the right music to entice people to get up and move.  A good DJ will immediately pick up on this and make changes.  If you are choosing the music for your DJ, allow the DJ to make changes if the audience is not responding well.  Bands are definitely making a comeback and we are often seeing how many of the guests comment at the end of the evening of how enjoyable it was.


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