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People are beginning to plan again. For weddings, anniversaries, corporate meetings, conference groups, holiday parties… While they may not be able to put a date to them, getting the plans in shape can begin now. That way when we can reconvene, so much of the work is done.

For corporate-related planning, transportation is a huge factor. Do you need to get the attendees from point A to point B? Are there multiple venues involved? What about transportation from airports and hotels? While you can leave this to the individuals, you may want to also consider an organized and reliable setup.

For a wedding, there is nothing like a limousine to carry the wedding party from ceremony to reception. It is elegant and so nice to have someone else worry about the traffic.

How about a passenger van to take you and your friends around for a bridal shower stop and gab?

And what style to provide a valet service at your next holiday party?

As planners, we work with a variety of vendors to make everything come together seamlessly. We had the privilege of working with Abraham’s Valet based in Southern California to coordinate a four-day international conference group. David and his team figured out how to get us around Los Angeles with multiple venues – truly a feat in LA traffic! We have used them for shuttle and valet services for weddings. Their vehicles are extremely clean, and their drivers could not be more courteous.

So, when it comes to checking off transportation on your planning checklist, chat with Abraham’s Valet to provide that added touch of sophistication and detail.

Abraham’s Valet Parking


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