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Are photo booths passé? No way!

Today’s photo booths are much more sophisticated. They offer larger color photos, digital borders, multiple backdrops, and physical props like masks and hats. Corporations could add their logo to the photos taken at their events. Guests of all ages would line up to take a turn in the booth.

But then the novelty wore off and selfies on smartphones filled the gap. Time to boot the booth? Not so fast! Photo booths have become popular again because people love the retro fun factor—and the resulting photograph. You might delete a photo from your phone, but a color print can be framed (or displayed on the refrigerator).

A digital photo booth can work well for a sweet sixteen party, bar or bat mitzvah, wedding reception, corporate event, charity fundraiser or any event with a fairly large guest list. Some feature enclosed booths and some are freestanding. To find a vendor, do an Internet search for the phrase “digital photo booth rental” and you’ll find several vendors. Yelp! is another great resource for finding photo booths.

Say CHEESE! Photo: Pixababy on Pexels


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