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Some of the best kids’ parties we have created have been simple and entertaining. Do you remember playing “pin the tail on the donkey” or what about “musical chairs”? Both are still big hits with little ones, and the added benefit is that you they are easy to create!

Here are some tried and true “homespun” ideas for having a wonderful party that any young child will certainly enjoy!

Have lots of Playdough available and run a contest for the building of the best castle. You can also have the birthday boy or girl choose the item to be built. (within reason and capability of course!) Here’s a recipe to even make your own.

Have a generous supply of paper with washable markers and crayons and have an art contest.

Have moms and dads act as helpers for face painting with a simple theme in mind. Watercolors are best.

Have the kids sit in a circle and have an older sibling or adult read them a story. Act out each part and get the children to join in as various characters in the story. A simple well know fairy tale is best.

Conduct a “sing along” with the kids in a circle, letting the kids take turns choosing the song.

When it comes to the food, serve simple snacks kids like such as goldfish crackers, cheese sticks, carrot sticks and foods of that variety. Make sure there is plenty of water as well as juice drinks. Maybe serve cupcakes instead of an actual cake with ice cream. And make sure to check in with parents/guardians regarding food allergies, etc.

For party supplies, there are several we suggest. The popular “Dollar Tree” has an abundance of items young children up to age 8 would really enjoy. There’s also “Party City”. And of course, there is Amazon! With prizes being plentiful, each child could have a goody bag to take home.


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