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Afterparties add an extra dimension to your events

The last time you heard the word “afterparty” might have been at the end of your senior year in high school. As if prom wasn’t exciting enough, afterparties offered teens a way to keep the evening going—with or without parental approval. Eveningwear designers capitalized on this by selling teen girls two dresses: a gown for prom and a shorter dress for the afterparty.

Now that we’re all grown up, afterparties still have an exclusive allure. The guest list is relatively small and the ambiance is more intimate. The afterparty for a charity event can serve as a thank-you to major donors or volunteers.

The biggest trend in recent years is the wedding reception afterparty. This lets the married couple, bridesmaids and groomsmen relax and swap stories about the wedding. Often held in someone’s home, a smaller banquet room at a hotel, a local watering hole, etc., this special bonding time creates laughter and fun for those who attend thus creating another set of lifelong memories of the special day.

It becomes the finishing touch!


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