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A veil by any other name

Written by DiMadeline Team Member Cheri Didear

So, I’ve been sharing with you about my daughter’s wedding gown…

While the father-of-the bride took on the challenge of gown alterations, I took on creating the veil. My daughter wanted something light and pretty. Her gown had a simple 3-inch black satin ribbon at the waist. Could I create a veil with some black ribbon also? Yes! I started to envision that it would have a thin ribbon fashioned as a circlet over lace to crown her head. Using elastic, I rolled the veil netting over the edges and carefully hand-sewed the delicate fabric with tiny stitches. Then came the black ribbon again carefully stitched over the netting crown and hem. The effect was amazing! It draped easily down her back so that she could leave her hair down and flowing. And we decided on a pretty black, beaded necklace to complete her very elegant ensemble. It actually turned out to be lots of fun and not as hard as I thought it would be! So, my advice to you is think outside the box when it comes to completing “the look”. Get the help you need to create - whether its from friends and family or professionals with their special gifts - and become idea makers and creators!


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