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Planning a sweet night with your sweetheart

Valentine’s Day 2020 falls on a Friday which means more couples than usual will be competing for tables at romantic restaurants and even tickets to movies, plays, concerts, amusement parks and other activities.

Don’t stress about the biggest date night of year—plan ahead.

Book your table today. Don’t choose a restaurant that does not take reservations. You don’t want to spend hours waiting when you could be wooing.

Choose a restaurant that means something special. It could be the place where you had your first date or one that serves cuisine that makes you remember your first trip together.

Check the weather forecast. Dining alfresco or at a table with a panoramic view is great, but not during a downpour.

The perfect gift is the perfect end to the evening—but don’t break the bank. If you’re sporting a sparkly engagement ring (or you are the one who purchased that ring), make your Valentine’s gift exchange more creative than costly.

Think of something sentimental, like a great photo of the two of you in a gorgeous frame. Or something sexy like a spa certificate for a couples massage.

On a practical note, the gift can be a getaway weekend spent checking out wedding venues or a series of ballroom dance lessons.

Of course, if the engagement ring has yet to given, Valentine’s Day is the tried-and-true time to pop the question. The Spruce has a dozen ways to pop the question.

And when you’re ready to set a date, DiMadeline & Company is ready to plan your big day!


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