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5 ways to go green in March

Sure, Earth Day is April 22, but why not get a head start on sustainability by going green for St. Patrick’s Day? Here are a few ideas we loved from the Eco-Ditty website:

1. Buy locally-produced foods for your St. Patrick’s Day menu Buying at a farmers market allows you to directly engage with the people who grow your food. It creates a sense of community and cuts down on the transportation costs associated with trekking foods across country. Plus, your produce will taste better since it's fresh and in season.

2. Create decorations out of recycled materials

It’s easy to buy plastic decorations from a big box store, but that may be adding more plastic to landfills. Making your own decorations, however, allows you to recycle old household items and gives the kids a fun project to work on.

Use old green bottles (like wine or even beverage bottles) to create lights or vases. Create shamrocks and hats for the kids to wear out of leftover felt or other fabric. Use online resources like The Crafty Crow and Spoonful.

3. Drink locally-sourced beers The craft brewery movement is growing. Seek out a local brewery, and bring home a growler. If you’re going to be hitting the town, then ask for a local draught. You’ll again be supporting your local economy.

4. Create your own green dyes Store-bought fabric dyes often contain chemicals. Instead, make dye from plants. (Check out the suggestions from The Spruce.) Food coloring is safe, so you might even be able to create green eggs and ham a la Dr. Suess.

5. Give your car a day off

Get to work or errands by walking, biking or using public transportation. Even if it is just for one day, it reminds you to be conscious of fossil fuel use.

Have a happy, safe and green St. Patrick's Day!

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash


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