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Get to Know Your Wedding Party

While the bride may know most of the wedding party or the groom may know many, the attendants that they have asked to stand in their wedding, the individuals themselves may not. So, it may be helpful to find ways for them to get to know a little bit more about each other before the big day. It will keep things light and everyone will be much more relaxed around each other.

You can do this in a variety of ways. First, if you are planning on creating a wedding website to share with friends and family about the two of you, it is a great opportunity to list those in the wedding. Create a page for them, share their name, a photo, how you know them and then something about them that makes them unique. Such as a hobby, a common trait that you have with them, what they do for living, where they live, etc.

Also plan something if possible, to get them all together before the rehearsal. Such as a casual dinner or fun location setting. Plan an activity that gets them to mingle. For instance, have them figure out what is the special memory they have of one of you. Or who has known you the longest, etc. For those who live close by, this is probably a realistic approach. For those who live farther away, a Skype “visit” may do the trick. The point is to help your friends and family feel comfortable with each other. It’s going to show up in the fun photos you have planned for the big day. And it clearly will help your stress level as well!

Happy Planning!

Photo: Maria Lindsey from Pexels


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