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Destination weddings

There are great advantages to choosing a destination wedding. First, the location is usually quite lovely. It’s romantic and it’s exciting. Thirdly, the chosen venue may offer complete destination planning - or there may be an on-site concierge service. Or best of all, the local Chamber of Commerce may recommend an event planner to handle all of your planning needs.

Regardless of where the location is, you will need assistance in planning. You could be more than 3,000 miles away and making major financial decisions via photos, texts, emails and phone conversations. So it is worth the investigating and investing of a quality planner. Preferably someone who has a thorough knowledge of the area and can recommend excellent venues and vendors.

Once you have picked your destination, make sure that your first calendar choice is available. Depending on the popularity of the location, they can book two and three years out. Think about lodging and transportation needs for your guests as this is an added costs for those you invite. And send out a save-the-date to your guests as soon as possible so that they can start their own personal planning and budgeting.

Start asking questions about what the guidelines are for a ceremony and where it can take place. Share the estimated number of guests. Do they provide an officiant if you need one? Is the venue casual or more elaborate? What kind of package deals are there?

Planning a wedding is a big deal – planning a wedding where you can’t have one-on-one walk-throughs, etc. is an even bigger deal. So do your homework. Be realistic in your expectations. Work with a qualified planner. And count on a beautiful and special day.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio


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