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The final details on planning your summer wedding

So you’ve got the venue. Check. You’ve got your gown, your bridesmaids’ dresses… You’ve got your fiancé and groomsmen’s attire. Check. Check. Check. The flowers are set and the food has been selected. You have touched base with your musicians and your photographer. The invitations are ready to go out! So what still do you need to think about?

So if you have not hired a planner to help you and are doing this DIY, there are on-line planning guides out there. Or you can find them at your favorite bookstore. They break down by checklist what you need to concentrate on over usually an 18-24 month period. If you follow the checklist, it encompasses many of the possibilities that are involved in your planning process. And it can feel good to be able to check them off! These guides can also spur you to recognize tasks that you had not even thought about. For instance, if your wedding and reception are outdoors, what about bug spray if that can be a problem? What about lighting as it grows dark? How far away do you place the portable toilets?

To really take the stress away and make sure all of your concerns are addressed, it’s best to hire a planner. They are worth their weight in gold. In tight budgets, one may think that this is an area to cut. While in fact, a good planner is going to find ways for you to save money. They have connections and business savvy to negotiate on your behalf. They can look for hidden costs in vendor contracts. They can keep you on track with what are your priorities and what is fun but not necessary. A planning guide can’t do that for you.

So whether you take on your wedding planning personally, enlist a member of your family or a good friend – or even smarter – hire a planner, stay organized! Keep everything in your binder – not on your phone. Make sure to put on your calendar when you need to start booking appointments – and then make sure to show up for them. Don’t wait until the last minute on ANYTHING! Because there will be last-minute things that come up regardless and just remember – this is your special day for you to remember for a lifetime – and of course, you want it to be PERFECT! Happy Planning!

for you to remember for a lifetime – and of course, you want it to be PERFECT!


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