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So you’ve gotten engaged… You’ve set the date… You’ve picked the venue… Now it’s time to think about COLOR! Color??? Yes! What colors do you want for your dream wedding????

So here’s some color combo options:

If you like ivory instead of white – pair it with honeysuckle, red and brown.

If you like gold (very popular right now) – add mulberry, aubergine and black.

Another way to go is with celadon. It looks great with pale pink, purple, ice, and melon - a great spring look!

Or how about ocean with heather, salmon, and lavender…

Mauve is a classic and it looks great with honeysuckle (there’s that honeysuckle again), slate, seafoam and taupe.

Another all-time favorite and very flattering is mint. It looks great with grapefruit, straw and brown.

And one of my “go-to” is blush. It’s a soft, delicate color. It looks great with fuchsia, mulberry, plum and taupe.

As you can see, there are beautiful color combinations out there. The key thing to remember is what style of wedding you want and that helps determine the colors that speak to you. And don’t forget to take your venue into consideration – is it classic, does it have a specific design of architecture, is it themed? Planners can help you pull it all together. So spend some time wandering through a craft store’s ribbon area. Check out our Pinterest ideas. Purchase your favorite bridal magazine (as if you haven’t done that already!) Look at COLOR! What do you find you are drawn to? And then enlist your Planner to wave her magic wand and ta-da – the beautiful wedding of your dreams!

*To learn more about color combo choices, check in with They have lots more choices to consider.


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